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The Uses of Toy Haulers

Posted On: March 19, 2012

A Toy Hauler is an RV that contains a garage in the rear portion of the vehicle. This extremely versatile vehicle has a purpose of being able to bring along toys such as dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, motorcycles & UTVs, to be combine with your camping experience.

Toy Haulers were originally designed for fifth wheel trailers but are now being built for  travel trailers. Both of these trailers create an area where you can haul your toys but also have a nice place to relax and sleep. The sofas that also fold down to beds, are usually on a pulley system that rise up to the ceiling and out of the way, giving you plenty of room for your toys.

On-board gas fueling stations are also a great feature with Toy Haulers, giving you the ability to top off your gas-powered toys instead of carrying extra gas cans with you.

A more rugged type of Toy Hauler is a “utility cargo trailer with living quarters.” Popular with professions that haul equipment like racing teams, these trailers provide a dual-function portable residence.

The 3rd type of Toy Hauler is a horse trailer with living quarters. For those that bring their horse(s) to enjoy their favorite hobbies 0n their vacation, this vehicle makes it possible to haul your horses and have a place to stay.

Toy Haulers can be used to live in while traveling long distances to make and sell items at festivals, flea markets, and open air bazaars. Your garage in your toy hauler can be used as a workshop to set up or assemble your product being sold while sleeping, eating, & showering in the same vehicle. Imagine the business you could put together with your own Toy Hauler!

With all of these different types of uses that can be obtained with Toy Haulers it is important to know the limits. Important things to consider when purchasing a Toy hauler: Make sure the garage area is the right size for what you’ll be hauling. Also, be aware of what will put more wear and tear on your unit so that you can keep it looking and lasting as long as possible.

**This information came from “Fun Ways To Use Toy Haulers when RVing” which is from

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