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Tips for Traveling with Pets

Posted On: May 31, 2011

Our pets are our pride and joy. They are a part of the family and they go everywhere with us! So, of course they are going to go camping and RVing with us.

Before taking your pet on a camping trip, long or short, make sure they are comfortable with the drive. Pets need to get their “RV legs,” getting acclimated to the confined space of a truck or motor home. Try a few short trips to see how they react to the ride. Believe it or not, pets get motion sickness like humans do. If your pet starts to drool heavily, vomits, or is nervous during the trial car rides, talk with your vet. There are medications that can make traveling easier on your pet.

Keep your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date and carry a copy of their vaccination records and any important medical information in your RV with you. If you are crossing State lines or International borders, make sure to know the laws about carrying pets in the regions you are traveling in. Ask your vet about any special vaccinations, papers, or certifications that you might need before hitting the road.

Also, make sure your pet has an updated pet tag displaying the correct and current information. Your cell phone number should be on the tag since it is the best number to reach you while traveling. There are also pet ID Microchips that your vet can implant that can help identify your pet if your pet strays away from you. They are very small and do not harm or annoy your pet in any way.

Here are some other helpful tips when traveling with pets: 

Consider securing your pet in either a pet carrier, a pet vehicle safety harness, or a crate while traveling. This allows your pet a safe location while traveling and also allows fewer distractions for the driver. It is also easier to locate your pet(s) in the event of an accident.

Bring items from home that are familiar to your pet. A favorite blanket or pet bed, toys, food dishes, treats, leash, etc.

Stop about every three hours so your pet(s) can use the bathroom, stretch their legs, and get a drink. This also puts them into a bathroom routine when you’re traveling.

Make sure to pack flea and tick repellent, especially if you’re going into the woods.

Consider getting a pet exercising pen to place outside your trailer. This allows your pet to be outside but keeps them from wandering off. Another option is a chain.

Make sure to bring an extra leash.

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**The information for this post came from blog post “Safety First When RVing with Pets.”

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