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Avoiding Mosquitoes – Helpful Tips to Avoiding these Itchy Insects

Posted On: June 07, 2013

It’s summertime, which means camping season! Enjoying the great outdoors and going camping is a summer must. But, there is one pesky bug that can make your trip a living nightmare!! MOSQUITOES! They come out every summer, and turn your skin into an itchy, miserable mess! Repellent works, but they always seem to find the one place the repellent missed! No worries. Here are some helpful tips to avoiding these itchy insects this summer!

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to colors that are the same shade as nectar and flesh. Try to avoid wearing dark-colored clothing or anything that is bright or has flowery prints on it. Wear light-colored clothing, and remember to cover your neck and ankles.
  • Try not to wear any strong odors on your body, like perfumes and scented lotions or body sprays. Also, try to avoid strong-scented soaps and shampoos. Mosquitoes are attracted to these strong smells.
  • Weather plays a big role in when mosquitoes are out. They are known to attack during the early evening hours into the early morning hours. Mosquitoes do get worse during the middle of summer when it is hot and muggy outside. Since they mostly likely feed at dawn and dusk, make sure to wear appropriate attire. Wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and socks and shoes. Hats also help protect your head and neck areas.
  • Since mosquitoes swarm at dusk and dawn, try to avoid entering your sleeping area as much as possible. Also, make sure all doors, vents, and windows are tightly shut or secure. If your vents or windows are open, make sure there are no holes in your screens. If you have to enter your sleeping area, make sure to enter and exit quickly, closing the door tightly behind you.
  • Your camping destination will also determine how many mosquitoes you might encounter while camping. Try to avoid areas that have still streams or ponds, creeks, lakes, or swampy regions. Mosquitoes love areas with water.
  • Last but not least, do not forget to wear mosquito repellent!

Remember to have fun this summer while camping, and try not to get eaten alive!

Information for this post came from “Mosquito Misery and Meyhem” by Rose Austin on


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