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Tips for Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree: Living or Artifical

Posted On: November 30, 2010

A Christmas Tree is one of the most important decorations during the Christmas season. There are many decisions that need to be made before purchasing a real or an artificial tree. Here are some great tips for picking the perfect Christmas tree, both Living and Artificial.

Questions to ask yourself when purchasing a Living Christmas Tree:

  1. Do you have space in your home for the tree that is not near a possible fire hazard? Make sure you measure the space the Christmas Tree will go in before going to cut down or to purchase a tree at the store.
  2. Do you have a tree stand to water the tree? This helps keep the tree fresh and the needles from going completely dry.
  3. Do you have a Christmas Tree bag? This is an over-sized bag that the tree stand is placed in. The bag helps keep overflow water from the tree stand from getting onto your carpet/hard-wood floor, and it is also helpful for easy clean up.
    After un-decorating the Christmas tree, simply remove the tree stand and pull the bag up and around the tree, tying it up at the top.
  4. This keeps all of the dry needles in the bag so there is not a trail of needles going out your door.
  5. Do you own or have access to a hand saw to cut the trunk of the tree to keep it fresher? Most places that sell trees offer this service, but still check with the store you plan to purchase your tree from. If you are planning on cutting down your own Christmas tree, make sure you have a hand saw and chainsaw. Also, make sure you bring a vehicle that you can transport the tree back home safely.

When purchasing a tree at the store, also consider:

  1. Has the tree been well cared for in transit? Was it baled up for a long period of time? Does the tree have broken branches?
  2. Is the tree free from insects and critters? Double check before cutting down or purchasing a tree if there are insects or critters inside. You don’t want to take an infected tree home! Don’t be a Clark Griswold!
  3. What forms of payment does the Christmas tree seller accept? Make sure to have the right form of payment on you for your tree. If sellers do not accept credit cards, this could be a sign that the merchant is trying to sell left-over trees (not always, but sometimes).

Questions to ask yourself when purchasing an Artificial Christmas Tree:

  1. Do you have space in your home for the tree that is not near a possible fire hazard? Make sure you measure the space the Christmas Tree will go in before going to purchase the tree.
  2. Think of an artificial Christmas tree as an investment. There is a possibility that you could have the tree for 20 years. Consider purchasing a higher quality Christmas Tree that will last throughout the years.
  3. Consider how real you want the artificial tree to look. Having more branch “tips” is preferred because an abundance of needles creates a full look for the tree.
  4. Can you see the center pole of the tree? If so, the tree may not be a high-quality tree. Ensure the Christmas tree has the specific desired appearance you want – branches, tips and the center pole should all be considerations in this decision.
  5. Choose a tree with a strong stand to ensure that your Christmas tree will not topple or lean to one side. Also take into consideration how heavy your ornaments are. Some tree stands come with rubber feet to protect your carpet or your wooden floors.
  6. All of the best artificial Christmas trees should have hinged branches to keep set-up simple.

Happy Holidays!

**To read more on choosing the perfect Christmas tree, Click Here to visit the American Christmas Tree Association’s website.

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