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Tips to Keep Your RV Working Smoothly

Posted On: January 28, 2017

10 Tips to Keep Your RV Working Smoothly

Keeping you and your family out making memories and experiencing adventures in an RV is a top priority here at Bish’s RV. To do that we have some easy tips to follow that will keep your RV running smoothly.

  1. Cleaning– Everything works better when clean. Allowing dirt and grit to build up will cause wear. Most cleaners used to clean cars work great on your RV. If you have questions come see us at Bish’s RV.
  2. Lubrication– Remember a small amount of lube goes a long way. Lubricating all moving parts (hinges, locks, sliders) is important to avoid excess wear and tear. We find the best lube to keep on hand is a dry lube. It resists attracting dirt and works on almost all types of materials.

We stock Protect All Heavy-Duty Slid-Out Dry Lube


  1. Tighten– Your RV experiences minor earthquakes during every trip, whether that’s hitting a pot hole or going over bumps. Over time, things are going to come loose. An easy tip is to grab a screw driver and a wrench and go through your RV and tighten every screw, nut, or bolt. This easy preventative maintenance can help avoid broken parts and save money.
  2. Lights– Carry spares for every type of bulb your RV uses. Before you hit the road be sure to check the signal and marker lights for proper function.
  3. Tires– Check tire pressure before each trip and inflate to the recommended specifications. Inspect each tire for any damages and imperfections before travel. Be sure to keep lug nuts tightened to proper torque settings, we suggest getting a torque wrench and learning how to use it.
  4. Tanks– Sanitizing the fresh water tank is important and can be done as often as needed. This depends on how often the unit is used, we recommend every couple of months. When dumping the Black and Gray Tanks make sure to have a nearly full tank to properly expel the solids with a good flushing action.

We suggest Camco Spring Fresh for cleaning your fresh tank.


  1. Seals and Seams– Keep an eye on the external seals and seams. Watch for cracking and holes especially on the roof. Most damage is caused by water penetration that seeps in along the seams. The leak can go unnoticed inside a wall or along the roof for long periods and causing rot and mold to develop.
  2. Maintain Batteries– Batteries should not be discharged below 50% before recharging them. When charging your batteries, we suggest using a SMART charger with a controller. Adding solar panels is an easy way to maintain your batteries charge.
  3. Look under your RV– Take a quick look for loose, corroding or broken items. Doing this can save you from breaking down and keep you on the road to your family’s adventure.
  4. Test and Run Systems– Systems that are not used for extended periods of time in the RV should be run occasionally. For example, when you are at an RV park on full hookups for an extended period it’s a good idea to run the generator and water pump for about 20-30 minutes each month.


If you have any questions on RV maintenance come in and see us at Bish’s RV.

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