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Thanksgiving Day Games for the Whole Family

Posted On: November 23, 2010

Between the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the grand feast (and even after the grand feast), there is a lot of down time for your family and guests. To keep the celebration moving, here are some Thanksgiving Day game ideas for all ages.

Thanksgiving Day Pie Eating Contest

Dessert is usually the best course of your Thanksgiving meal. This year turn up the heat by holding a pie eating contest. This contest can be done two different ways:
1. Let your guests choose his/her favorite flavor of pie and the person who finishes their pie first, wins.
2. Cut a slice of pie for each person and whoever finishes their slice first, wins.

Play Football on Thanksgiving Day

  • Before sitting down to your Thanksgiving feast, take the kids and the adults (who aren’t busy cooking) outside to play a friendly game of touch football. Have a prize for the winning team. For example: the winning team gets dinner first or gets first pick when dessert is served. Make sure to divide up the teams evenly with kids and adults. If the weather is bad, play a game of paper football instead.

Great Pumpkin Relay Race

  • This relay style race will get your heart pumping. Divide your guests into teams of two. Give each team a pumpkin and a sturdy stick (a baseball bat or broom handle will work). Turn each pumpkin on its side and use the stick to roll the pumpkin to the next team member (set up designated points to pass off the pumpkins and the stick). Once the team member has passed the pumpkin and the stick on to the next team member, they must run back to the start line. The team who get their pumpkin and all their team members back to the starting line, wins.

Turn Traditional Games into Thanksgiving Games

Many childhood games make great activities for the whole family on Thanksgiving.

  • Play Hot Pumpkin (instead of Hot Potato). Use a small pumpkin to toss around in a circle.
  • Play Pin the Feather on the Turkey (instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey). Print off a picture of a turkey and then cut a feather shape out of paper and use tape to pin it to the turkey.
  • Candy Corn Bingo (instead of traditional Bingo). Print out game boards and use candy corn as markers.
  • Play Tom Turkey Says (instead of Simon Says). Incorporate commands with a Thanksgiving theme to them. Like “Gobble like a turkey.”
  • Pass the Thankerchief (instead of Pass the Parcel). Pass a handkerchief around in a circle and each person has to tell something they are thankful for. You could also play a memory game by passing a handkerchief around the circle and each person has to say a word that is related to Thanksgiving and then the next person has to repeat what the previous person said and then add another Thanksgiving inspired word to the list of already said words.

Do you have a Thanksgiving day game you do with your family and guests? Share it by posting a comment below.

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For more game ideas, Click Here to see the full article, “Thanksgiving Games for Kids and Adults” by Karen Perkins at

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