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A Simple Tip When You Experience an RV Tire Blowout

Posted On: December 07, 2017

RV tire blowouts can be extremely scary and very dangerous. There are several reasons why a tire may blow, like being overloaded, over inflated tires, and possibly because the tires are old and weathered.


Are you aware of what to do when an RV tire blows? Most people would think the best thing to do is slow down and find the closest pullout Рthis is not the safest move to make. The best thing to do when a tire blows on an RV is speed up and find a safe place to park. Although this sounds extremely unsafe this is the safest action to take.  Accelerating helps to maintain control of the RV. The slower you go, the stronger the forces will be to pull you off the road. You may even lose control the slower you go. Gradually speeding up will help to stabilize the RV until you reach a safe destination.


Take a second to watch this video and learn techniques that can save your life.


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