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Seasoning Containers for your RV

Posted On: October 25, 2013

When owning an RV often times it gets pricey having to double everything you need to keep in your unit that you already have in your home. Some of these items can be silverware, cleaning chemicals, soaps, paper towels, salt and pepper, & tin foil.

One thing that can be pricey by just buying one set is food seasonings. We have an idea for you that will cut back on expense, recycle used products and save on kitchen RV storage.  The tic tac bottle is great for recycling to seasoning containers! These bottles are shaped well for stacking & perfect size for your smaller RV cabinets. They are even engineered perfectly for this purpose. The easy open snap lid is great for being able to pour out just the right amount of seasoning that is needed. The snap closure is also great for keeping it securely closed and moisture free.

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To reuse these empty bottles remove the tic tac label sticker and remove the entire lid pulling from each end. Fill each individual bottle with the needed seasoning. By purchasing your seasonings in bulk you can avoid paying more for the packaging and allows for you to get just the right amount for each container. To label your seasoning bottle, either print off stickers to place on your new and reused bottle or use a permanent marker to relabel with the accurate name. When labeling consider where you might place these containers within your RV so that you can place the label where it will be visibly seen the best. If placing them upright, side by side, the best spot might be on the skinny side of the container so you can read them right away when you open your drawer or cabinet without have to fumble around trying to find just the right one!

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Save yourself some money & space by saving those tic tac containers and reusing them for your very own set of inexpensive Seasoning & Spices in your camper!  Happy Friday!




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