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Retailers Who Let You Stack Coupons

Posted On: November 22, 2017

Holidays are near! This means it is time to start thinking about purchasing Christmas gifts. The more money you can save during this time of year the better. Using coupons are a perfect way to save money. Did you know there are several retailers that let you stack coupons, allowing you to save even more money?  Below you will find 9 stores that allow you to stack your coupons.


CVS Drugstore/Pharmacy                                                                     Target


Joann Fabrics & Crafts                                                                    Victoria Secret


Kohl’s                                                                                                      Walgreen’s


Michael’s                                                                                         Bath & Body Works


Each of these stores have different policies regarding the different coupons you can use in the same transaction. Though they are still better than most stores that only allow you one per transaction. Get more bang for your buck this holiday season by saving with coupons. You’ll be surprised with how much you can save.


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