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Questions to Ask before Purchasing a Used RV

Posted On: December 11, 2017

It’s extremely important to know everything about a used RV before you purchase it. Be sure to watch for red flags while talking to the person selling the RV to you. If they’re not able to answer your questions thoroughly, don’t purchase the RV, and move on to the next RV you had your eyes on.


Here are some questions you can ask before making this big-ticket purchase.


  1. How many owners has this RV had and how often was it used?


  1. Do you have any maintenance records?


  1. How many miles do the tires have on them and when were they last replaced?


  1. Be sure to look EVERYWHERE for any water damage that may have occurred.


  1. Press all the buttons making sure all the lights, slides, and awnings work.


  1. Stand in the shower to make sure you fit.


  1. Look under the RV for rust or other damages it may have.


  1. Check the roof for any damage or broken seals around the vents, A/C units, TV or radio antennas, etc.


  1. If allergic to animals, ask if any have lived in the RV and for how long?


  1. If a motorhome, always test drive before you buy!


  1. Ask the current owner if you could have a professional inspection done before you buy. Use a local dealership or repair shop to have this done.


Knowing the answers to each of these questions will help you feel positive about your purchase decision. There’s nothing worse than making a large purchase and then having buyer’s remorse. Be happy and confident knowing that the used RV you’ve chosen is the one for you!


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