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Protecting your RV from Vandalism

Posted On: December 29, 2010

vandalism-001If your RV or travel trailer spends a lot of time unattended or in a storage unit (especially during the winter months), there is a good chance that someone could break into your unit. Before putting your unit into winter storage, you need to take precautions to make sure your RV is safe from vandalism. Here are some tips to protecting your RV from vandalism and robbers who cause it.

1. Take all valuables out of your RV.This includes all electronic items. For built-in dash radios, upgrade the system to wear you can remove the face of the player.

2. Remove the ladder on the back of your RV (if possible). By leaving the ladder, you are giving a robber access to your roof. If someone really wants in your unit, they will kick in the roof vents to enter into your unit. This causes serious damage to not only your vent mounts but also to your roof.

3. Leave up a few window shades in your RV (about 10 inches). If a person is able to see into your unit before breaking in, they are less likely to break in if they see all of the electronic items have been removed. Don’t leave up all of you shades, just a few main ones.

4. Ask the manager at your storage facility about their security system. See if they have a system or if there are any guards that come to regularly check on the storage lot. Also, ask for a lot space where all sides of your unit can be seen easily, especially the back of your unit. If your RV is backed up against a fence where there is a forest, a field or a close building behind it, this gives a robber the perfect opportunity to enter your unit without being detected or seen.

5. Positioning your RV. Make sure when you back in your unit into the storage space that your RV is at least a foot away from the fence. Just because there is a security lock on the fence, doesn’t mean a desperate robber won’t try to climb the fence. If your unit is backed up close enough to the fence you are actually helping the robber enter into the storage lot. The robber can climb over the fence, onto your ladder and down into the storage lot or up on top of your roof.

6. Lock the doors! Before leaving your RV, make sure all your doors and storage compartments are locked. If you have deadbolts make sure those are locked too.

download7. Check on your RV regularly. Check on your unit regularly, even if there is a security system in place at your storage facility. Just don’t forget about the unit after you have parked it. Make sure to check on your RV!

If you have any questions about keeping your RV safe during the winter storage months, make sure to call the closest Bish’s RV Super Center to you. If the winter is your time to RV, and you want to keep your rig safe, read our blog post, “6 Tips to Improving your RV Security.

Read, “What You Can Do to Protect Your RV from Vandalism” by Curtis Carper for his hands-on experience with robbers breaking in and vandalizing his unit.


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