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Must-Have RV Safety Gear

Posted On: May 09, 2018

Did you just recently purchase your first RV? If so, are you aware of some of the safety gear you should have in your RV? Safety gear is extremely important to have to keep you and your family safe. Here’s a list of all the things your RV should have to keep you and your family protected.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Fire Alarm

LP Detector

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Blanket Genturi RV Generator Exhaust (if applicable)

First Aid Kit

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Safety Triangles & Reflective Vests

Lighted Dog Leash or Collar

Head Lamp & other Flashlights

Electronic Braking System

Steering Stabilizers

Bear Spray

You and your family mean so much to all of us here at Bish’s RV. We would hate for any of you to experience an issue and not have the proper safety gear. PLEASE make sure your RV is equipped with these items before you venture out RVing.S


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