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How To Keep Bugs Away While Camping

Posted On: October 03, 2017

Are you sick of pesky mosquitoes, flies, and bugs interrupting you while you are trying to relax at your campsite? Let us share with you a couple tricks that may keep them away.


  1. Odors to Avoid & Scents to Use to Eliminate Bugs

Grazing cattle is one thing flies, mosquitoes, and bugs love. If you can avoid setting up camp near cattle areas that will decrease your odds of being bugged during your camping trip.

Bugs are also attracted to scents associated with the human body. Something you can do to help eliminate scents from your clothing is by using a Clothing, Gear, and Body Scent Elimination Kit. You can pick up ones of these kits from your local sporting goods store.

Mosquitoes HATE citronella and they also have aversions to lavender, mint, lemon, and sage.  If you’d like to try one of these scent, try a Sage Smudge Stick. Throw it into your fire to produce scents that will help deter bugs.


  1. Avoid Moisture and Dirty Areas to Keep Bugs Away

Mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs are known to be in areas that are dirty and wet. Try to set your camp up in a dry area to help minimize the number of bugs you may have.  Be sure to wash your dishes and cookware right after you finish with meals. Leaving food, dirty dishes, and trash out will attract several bugs.


  1. Spray Barriers that Keep Bugs Away

          Here are two ways you can use sprays to deter pesky bugs, flies, and mosquitoes. Directly spray your body and clothing with DEET, a repellent to keep humans from getting bit by mosquitoes. To treat the area around you use foggers. Burgess Propane Insect Fogger is a good brand to use.


  1. Physical Barriers that Keep Bugs Away

Physical barriers are sometimes a life saver if the bugs are so forceful and nothing else works. Make sure your RV has screens on all windows and doors are not left open. As for your food, cover it with mesh screen food covers. If outside, cover your seating area with a pop-up tent with mesh screen sides – make sure it’s fully sealed. An example of one of these tents is a Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House.


Be sure to protect yourself from bites while out enjoying the outdoors. Nothing is worse than sitting up all night scratching bug bites.  We hope these tips help you to enjoy camping in comfort.

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