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FREE Camping Bingo Download

Posted On: February 26, 2014

Enjoying the outdoors while spending quality time together playing games and laughing is what your family camping adventures might include. However finding games that all ages can enjoy, that doesn’t require a lot of pieces, and is rugged enough for the great outdoors, might be a challenge. Bingo is a game that all ages can enjoy while camping. The game is easy to play and guarantees winners!

Bish’s RV has provided a free download Camping Bingo game for your whole family! Instead of using numbers that might be more difficult for young children, this game is provided with simple camping graphics that everyone can enjoy! The upside of playing Camping Bingo is that you can use rocks, leaves, or other outdoor items to use as your game pieces. This adds a new excitement to the game for younger children on their camping adventures. The best part to using rocks to play camping bingo is you don’t have to worry about loosing them along the way.

Each game board is in black and white making it easy to print right from your computer at home. This free Camping Bingo download includes 10 different game boards and one blank board, making it possible to create more game boards if needed for larger families.

There is a separate page with the camping icons. Print it out and cut out the icons. Then place them into a bowl or hat to use as your drawing pile during the game. This is how you call out the camping icons. The camping icons are also used to create additional bingo game boards if you need more than the 10 bingo sheets. After cutting out the icons (cutting them fairly close to the edge) place the icons on the board, arranging them in a strategic way. Use tape or a glue stick to attach them to your game board. You can keep it like this or photocopy the game board.

Laminating each game board will help to make your bingo game last longer. Using a thicker card stock paper is also recommended to help extend the life of each game board. Keep your drawing pieces in a Ziploc bag in order to not lose any of the drawing pieces. The entire game can be placed in a folder and stored easily within your RV & ready to be played at any time. Be sure to include prizes for all the lucky winners! Have fun playing camping bingo!


Game Cards – Click Here
Drawing Slips – Click Here


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