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eleMMent Palazzo – World’s Most Expensive Motorcoach New on the Market

Posted On: October 04, 2011

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Austrian company Marchi Mobile has constructed a spaced-age, luxury motormansion  on wheels, the eleMMent Palazzo. This 2-level aerodynamic design gets 13 miles per gallon, helping to achieve a 20% increase in fuel efficiency of motorhomes. The body was designed by Luigi Colani, a German industrial designer.

This motorcoach is high class all the way with each being custom designed for the owner’s personal wishes, needs and style. Each eleMMent comes with a convenient lift ladder entry, a living room/lounge, a master bedroom, a kitchen and two bathrooms (one located each floor).

With a living space of 215 square feet, the living area slide-outs double the size, making it 430 square feet. The bedroom comes with a 40 inch TV and a master bathroom with a rainfall shower and a separate toilet.

There is also a working fireplace, hardwood floors, skylights, a programmed central control remote, luxurious decorations, height-adjustable seating, mobile Internet, streaming video surveillance and satellite TV. The eleMMent also has a glow-in-the-dark finish to improve night safety.

The Palazzo comes with a Sky Lounge (20 square meters) that rises from the top of the motorhome with a press of a button. The sky lounge comes with heated floors and a bar.

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The eleMMent Palazzo has a top speed of 93 mph and a 510 bhp engine. Despite being over 40 feet long and having 20 tons (44,000 pounds) of weight, this motorhome gets 13 miles per gallon and reduces fuel consumption of up to 20% because of the aerodynamic design.

This huge motorcoach does need a special driver with a HGV license (heavy-goods vehicle license – required mostly in the UK  and Europe). The coach is equipped with a driver’s cab that has a bunk bed in it.

The most luxurious, modernized motorcoach is on sale now for only $1.9 million pounds ($2.9 million), making it the most expensive motorhome on the market in the world right now!

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Pictures and information were found at “Elemment Palazzo – automated luxury on wheels from the Austrian developers”

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