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Campfire Bacon!!

Posted On: May 31, 2017

This is a recipe (or more of a technique) that anyone could use while camping! This recipe only takes skewers! How much simpler can it get?

The secret to getting your bacon evenly crispy is to weave each strip onto a skewer, leaving a gap between weaves. Then, continue weaving more strips on the skewer, leaving a few inches empty at the end.

Prepare a campfire and set two logs or rocks on each side of the flames so you can rest the skewers on the logs/stones over the flames.

Rotate the skewers every 5 or so minutes to ensure even cooking and browning. You might get a few flare-ups – that’s just the bacon grease hitting the fire. If it gets too out-of-hand, have a squirt bottle with water nearby to put out some hot spots.

Your bacon should be crispy, ready and extra smoky in about 30 minutes.


This recipe and the pictures were found at: Zestuous

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