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6 Wet-Weather Vacation Tips

Posted On: September 10, 2010 | Posted In: Uncategorized Don’t let the rain slow your vacation down. Embrace it! Here are 6 Wet-Weather Vacation Tips to keep your vacation going. 1. Have a Movie Fest: Go to the local movie theater or rent a movie at y... Read More »

RV Racing…Could It Work?

Posted On: September 07, 2010 | Posted In: Uncategorized It seems like everything with wheels has a racing sport. Why not RVs? BBC Top Gear, car news and reviews, took the 3 different Motorhome classes and put this idea to the test. The concept: Drive your ... Read More »

High Wind and Your RV

Posted On: September 07, 2010 | Posted In: Uncategorized Wind can be a dangerous hazard to your RV. The RV starts to sway, making you nervous and uneasy. If you are not cautious, pulling a trailer in high winds can go from little worries to full-on disaster... Read More »

Campground Finder

Posted On: August 06, 2010 | Posted In: Uncategorized Are you traveling to an area where you need to find a campground? Are you looking for a website that compares campground amenities side-by-side? We found the perfect website for you. At, ... Read More »

9 Ways to Save for a Vacation

Posted On: August 02, 2010 | Posted In: Uncategorized Going on a vacation during the summer months is an American tradition. But where do you get the money to go? Ed Hewitt, a writer for, gives us 9 helpful tips for saving money ... Read More »

The RV Doctor

Posted On: July 16, 2010 | Posted In: Uncategorized Don‘t know why your RV water pump is acting up? Or, why your lights in your RV are turning on and off by themselves? Well, the doctor is in! We just found a website that answers any RV repair or ser... Read More »

Cell Phones and Distracted Driving

Posted On: July 15, 2010 | Posted In: Uncategorized Did you know that cell phone laws apply to travelers? Knowing which states and cities enforce distracted driving laws could save you up to $150. So, before you go, make sure you know the cell phone la... Read More »

Lakes To Visit This Summer

Posted On: July 15, 2010 | Posted In: Uncategorized Do you love lake towns? Does the water call to you? Well, Budget Travel has just posted the top “8 Gorgeous Summer Lake Towns” (by Beth Collins). There are 4 close by Idaho! Forest Grove, OR, ... Read More »
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