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Bish’s RV Solar Power Benefits

Posted On: February 17, 2017

RV Solar Power

Anyone that enjoys the great outdoors in an RV knows that letting the batteries run low can cause a little heartburn when the furnace and fridge stop working. The great news is that this can be avoided, and the quality of your RV vacation can be improved greatly. How you might ask, well here at Bish’s RV we are glad to share some simple suggestions and benefits to using solar panels.

Who should get solar panels?

  • We recommend solar panels to all who own an RV.

What are the benefits of solar power?

  • Solar panels extend your battery life up to 2 to 3 times the normal life seen by customers without solar panels
  • Eliminates battery headaches when camping off grid
  • Cuts generator run time down (going green)
  • Batteries are being charged whenever solar rays hit your panels
  • Energy independence gives you freedom to explore remote locations
  • Energy is renewable, silent and clean
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance


Most solar panels require minimal maintenance; however, we do have a few tips to keeping them ready for each trip.

  • Remove snow from panels during the winter months
  • Clean panels before each trip
  • To clean use a common glass cleaner and wipe clean with a microfiber rag

At Bish’s RV we suggest using ZAMP solar panels with a 25-year Power Production Warranty.

If you have any questions on solar power options for your RV come see us at Bish’s RV.

Image sourced from  ZAMP SOLAR.

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