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6 Tips to Improving your RV Security

Posted On: December 29, 2010

We’ve already given you a few tips to protecting your RV from vandalism while it’s in winter storage, but what about the overall security of your RV when you’re still using it?

These 6 tips are helpful when you are traveling or using your RV.

1. Be aware of your surroundings. Look around and take note of the people around you. If something doesn’t seem right, trust your instincts and leave.

2. Always lock your RV when you’re away from your campsite and when you’re sleeping at night. Even if everyone is just running into a convenience store for a two-minute pit stop, lock the doors. Consider installing a deadbolt in the main door of the RV for added protection at night.

3. Look into a wireless security system specifically designed for RVs. These products use sensors to protect the RV while you’re away and while you’re inside.

4. Protect the items in your storage compartment. Most compartment doors and locks are flimsy and many locks actually use the exact same key. Install stronger hinges and higher quality locks on the compartment door. Don’t keep anything valuable in the compartment overnight or when you’re away from the RV.

5. Keep certain things out of sight, including your valuables, purses, wallets and any other items that may attract attention. Close the curtains or blinds so passerby can’t look inside and scope out the inside of the RV.

6. Avoid staying overnight at a rest stop or stopping in a parking lot to sleep for a few hours. Schedule any stops during daytime hours when you can easily access your surroundings.

If it’s time to put your RV or travel trailer away for the winter months, make sure to read our blog post, “Protecting your RV from Vandalism.” There are 7 good tips to keeping your RV secure while in storage.

**These 6 tips came from eHow.comClick Here to read the full article, “How to Improve RV Security.”

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