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6 Effortless Tips to Make Ice Last Longer

Posted On: October 31, 2017

Coolers are a must when RVing. Whether you use them to chill your food and beverages before you get to your destination, or during your camping trip, coolers are a necessity. Making your ice be more efficient, lasting longer for you is everyone’s goal. Here are 6 effortless tips on how to make your ice last longer.


Go Tandem

Refrain from opening your cooler multiple times. This will help prevent warm air from entering your cooler and melting your ice. Pack a separate cooler with items you’ll need more frequently, such as drinks and snacks. This will keep your meats and veggies from spoiling in your main cooler.



One thing you should do before you pack your cooler is reduce the heat inside of the cooler. Simply pour a bag of ice inside your cooler and let it sit for an hour. Then dump the melted ice. You’ll then be good to pack your cooler and add the remaining ice. Be sure to always store your cooler in a shaded spot to prevent the sun from beating down on it.


Cuddle your Cooler

Direct sun will melt your ice in no time. Wrap or cover your cooler with some kind of blanket, white towel, or reflective shield. This will make a tremendous difference in how long your ice last.


Go Big

The bigger the block of ice, the longer it will take to melt.  If you can fit a block of ice or a frozen milk jug 2/3 of the way full in your cooler, there is no better way to keep your stuff cold.


Dry Ice

Dry ice is something you must use extreme caution with. But it can also keep goods frozen for an incredible amount of time. One thing you can do to keep things cold but not frozen is, mix a 4-to-1 ratio of regular ice to dry ice. Doing this will keep your standard grocery goods lasting for days. If you do this, be sure to wrap dry ice with a newspaper and place it on the bottom of your cooler. Cover with a layer of regular ice, then add your food and drinks.


Make a Seal

Cut a piece of foam the exact dimension of your cooler. You can find foam at any sporting goods store, craft store, or you can also use the foam from an old sleeping pad. Place the foam on top of a loaded cooler. This will help keep your cooler insulated. Another technique to help keep cold air trapped inside your cooler is to use several layers of newspaper placed across the top.


Using these handy techniques will help save you money on replacing ice, and it will keep meats, veggies, and other food items from spoiling. Each tip is a perfect example to take a little extra time to prepare for your next camping adventure. Whether you are venturing out for a weekend or a week, there is nothing better than cutting down costs on the things you need.

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