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10 Tips & Tricks That May Come In-Handy While Camping

Posted On: October 31, 2017
  1. Do you have a hole in your air mattress? Melt a glue stick with a lighter and rub it on the hole. Once it’s dry, it will be good as new.


  1. If you combine 1-part tea tree oil and 2- parts water in a spray bottle and spray it on your clothes, it will keep ticks at bay.


  1. Out hiking and your pants get ripped by a thorny bush? Use dental floss as thread and sew them up. Dental floss is a sturdy alternative to string or thread.


  1. An effortless way to make coffee is to pour grounds into a filter, tie it up, and place it in a cup of hot water. It will work like a tea bag.


  1. Need a clever way to cook multiple hot dogs at once? Place them on the end of a rake. Its sturdy tines will hold each hot dog on perfectly.


  1. If you attach a cork to your keys and the keys somehow end up in water, they’ll float. This is extremely helpful for boating, fishing, swimming, and several other water activities.


  1. Did you know flies hate the smell of Pine-Sol? Mix Pine-Sol and water 50/50 in a spray bottle and spray it on every surface around you. This will keep flies from being an inconvenience.

  1. If you put sage in your campfire it will help repel mosquitos.


  1. Sick of itchy mosquito bites? Heat a spoon with hot water and place it on the bite. This will destroy the protein that causes the itch.


  1. Did you know that Beeswax compound can work as a water-proofer for shoes? Apply Beeswax compound to your shoes before a hike. It will keep your feet and shoes dry. Plus, it helps keep shoes from becoming stinky.


Tips and tricks are always nice to know. Campers are always searching for quick fixes or tips to help them during their adventures. We just shared 10 with you that may come in handy on your next trip out. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help make your camping adventures more enjoyable.


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