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10 Essential Ways to Plan a Successful Day!

Posted On: December 29, 2017

Make 2018 a year to improve yourself and to reach new goals. Start by planning day-to-day verses trying to plan an entire year. Envision how you would like your day to go, then set tasks that will help you achieve that goal. When you apply this strategy, you’ll go about your day more focused. This will help you to accomplish more each day.


Step 1: Get an early start

Plan on waking up 10-20 minutes earlier than usual. This will help you not to feel rushed or like you’re running behind. Having some extra time in the morning will start your day off with a calm beginning.


Step 2: Picture the desired results

Take a few minutes out of your morning routine and visual your day. How do you want the day to go and how do you want to feel at the end of it? Did you get closer to a certain goal or did you accomplish something you have been wanting to get done? Consider these tasks and it will help ensure you’re accomplishing something important.


Step 3: Set your schedule & list your to-dos

Review your schedule each day and adjust where needed. Remember to be realistic with the goals you set each day. Setting yourself up for failure will only make it harder to reach your goals. It’s extremely beneficial to write all your to-dos down on paper so you can look back and see what you have left to do.


Step 4: Prioritize Healthy Habits

It is important to set fitness goals. People often fail to put a plan into action. The best way to prevent failing is to schedule your

workouts. You’re more likely to follow through with something when you set time aside to accomplish it. Meal planning is also a fantastic way to accomplish your health goals. Go to the store on Sundays and map out all your meals for the week. This will help you to stay on track and also help you to save money.


Step 5: Select your top three

Identify 3 things you need to accomplish each day. Set these as a priority and make sure they happen. Soon these will turn into habits that you’ll just do naturally.


Step 6: Get to work

Start your day by accomplishing a few simple tasks you can cross off your list to help you gain momentum. Check you progress midday. If you’re running short on time focus on those top 3 things you need to accomplish and nothing else.


Step 7: Plan for tomorrow

As one day comes to an end, start to think about what needs to be accomplished the next day. Do you have any important meetings you have to attend or doctor’s appointments? Be sure to have these written in your planner and allot enough time so that you don’t feel rushed.


Step 8: Practice gratitude

Start each day by being grateful. This will help you to have a more positive outlook on life.


Step 9: Unplug

Know when enough is enough. Take time for you and the ones you love. Have dinner with your family, go out for a drink with friends, or take your dog for a walk. There’s nothing more refreshing than taking time for yourself after a day you should be proud of.


Step 10: Commit to quality sleep

Figure out the amount of time you need to sleep each night. Setting an ideal bedtime will help to regulate your bodies inner clock. Avoid electronics 30 minutes before bed, and be sure to keep your phone far from your bedside table. Remember, it’s important to get a good night’s rest.


Adding these small steps may seem hard at first but will eventually become second nature. Be sure to add new steps each day or if that’s too much each week. Soon you’ll start to notice how much more productive you are each day. Even more importantly, you’ll start to see a difference in your attitude and your overall happiness.


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